The Feline Temperance League

The Feline Temperance League is a secret society of puritan felines who believe the only way to achieve Purrrvana is through abstinence of both Nepeta Cataria and casual mating. They stand out among the many fringe clowders due to their openness to the use of extreme violence and intimidation to achieve their murky goals.

The FTL, on paper, is open to all felines, but as we shall see, membership to the FTL has attracted mostly douche butts and sadly, gullible felines comforted by iron pawed rule.

Information about the FTL is sparse due to the fact that any cat that tries to leave is disappeared. Into the litterbox of catstory as they meow. 

In recent years, the FTL has made significant advances. They've conquered and merged with a number of other fringe clowders with complimentary belief systems and have secured vast wealth from an unknown number of members from unknown locales.

The "Master" of the FTL, Kitkat Lollipop, is a feisty one. Born into the FTL aristocracy, Kitkat moved fast during her early lives to consolidate her positions, promotions, and ultimately total dominance.

Her whereabouts are unknown, and it is believed that she communicates with her court and web of cells over SMS. Long gone are the days of carrier mice and pigeons, and while todays means of communications aren't as profitable as the extortion of mice and pigeons, she has proved adept at using it to successfully stem the flow of Recreational Narcatics into Cat Land.

Kitkat Lollipop is just the latest in a long line of ruthless catscallion's who have reigned over the Feline Temperance League. 

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