The Clowder

The Clowder is a secretive underground organization of cats committed to feline cultural progress through the use of Recreational Narcatics. The Clowder does not generally rule with an iron paw. The public face of The Clowder is largely ceremonial. The true movers and shakers within the organization are unknown, and their identities are shrouded in mystery.

The Clowder is open to all, but promotion into the decision making apparatus of the group is by invitation only.

The Clowder operates freely in Catland and while none of its activities are illegal, regular cats have been wary of some of The Clowders more progressive ideas; namely the use of Recreational Narcatics like Fine Nepeta Cataria in rituals and celebrations.

The public face of The Clowder has traditionally been passed on to cats with heightened abilities at interacting with the human world. The current cat in this position is Nugget. However, because of recent acts of violence against The Clowder by the evil Feline Temperance League, Nugget wishes to hide his identity and keep his current location a secret.

Nugget, face of The Clowder 

Nugget is just the latest in a long line of cool cats who have professed their admiration for Fine Nepeta Cataria and the process of cultural progress and love making. 

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