David Matte and his cat, Ben

Recreational Narcatics is the brainchild of David Matte and his cat, Ben.

David hadn't always been interested in dominating the catnip scene. It had been a clever idea in his head, that's all. But when he was furloughed from his job as a Sexton a few days before Christmas (blessed are the working class!), the idea of becoming less dependent on traditional forms of earning became a lot more pertinent (that, and how many Sextons can hope to afford a house in Toronto!?). A side hustle was inevitable.

In early 2019, David returned to Toronto after burning out of a life of expatitude - with many amazing/difficult years spent living in Korea, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria. And his plans to lay the foundation for the arrival of his wife and child from overseas have been complicated by the pandemic.

Magical Hollywood scenes at airports of reunions and togetherness have a permanent place in his imagination. The expat life taught him that nothing is forever, and the future, if you want it to be, is bright.


Ben has never demonstrated much of an inclination for anything other than feeding, sleeping, and contributing abstract formulas into excel spreadsheets. He's really good at that! But he loves the product research and quality control aspects of his employ. Nevertheless, Ben is older, and his days of getting excited over Recreational Narcatics Fine Nepeta Cataria are over. He visits a dish of recnarc when he sees fit, but he prefers the junkiness of treats and the crumbs of fallen human food.

Frankly speaking, he's a bit of a BOOMER, but he's family! 

Their first product, FINE NEPETA CATARIA is the brands' seed. Ten thousand seeds. But if those seeds take root and start showing signs of healthy growth, more products will follow.

A fun "good vs evil" story is developing over at our @recreational.narcatics Instagram account. Follow along (and contribute!) as we awkwardly tell of the catfight between The Clowder (the good cats) and The Feline Temperance League (the bad cats) and attempt to figure out video and audio editing software.

Questions, comments, ideas, collaborations, and constructive/polite complaints can be emailed to dmatte@gmail.com. We are also less reliably reachable on Instagram and Facebook.



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