Recreational Narcatics


Follow the age old tug-of-fur between The Clowder and The Feline Temperance League.

Catstomer Reviews

Fine Nepeta Cataria


I don't do Recreational Narcatics. I am Recreational Narcatics.
Salvapurrr Dali

Caturday, 9 Sept, 2019

Fine Nepeta Cataria


I'm not addicted, I only use Recreational Narcatics two times a year. When it's my birthday, and when it's not my birthday.
Bill Purrray

Caturday, 9 Sept, 2020

Fine Nepeta Cataria

The mewsic...

Recreational Narcatics is the healing of a Clowder, Alcohol is the destruction.
Bobcat Marley

Caturday, 9 Sept, 2021

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